There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

By Colin Powell


There´s a need for a professional B2B platform for Brands from Europe.

We at LUXS will help you to successfully enter the Chinese market with a trusted partner.

We have been involved in retail and eCommerce in China for the last 10 years – and we have experienced all the complexity and risk in building a retail presence in this highly complex market.

Our first-hand learning is that most mid-size brands are overwhelmed by the management and planning efforts and investment required to set up cross-border-trade, marketplace operations or even vertical eCommerce operations in China.

Hence, we have gone back to the long-established market entry model through a distributor / trade partner / licensor in China – which used to bring some complexity to the brand, too:

How do you identify a trustworthy distributor that is suitable to represent your valuable brand in an appropriate way?

How do you get in touch in the first place, how do you find about his credentials, solvency and reputation? How do you initiate the communication and which pitfalls do you want to avoid in the process? How do you best get through the highly intimate process of building a relationship with such a partner that may be the biggest success criteria for your brand?

That is where the concept of LUXS was born and where we will help you – with our platform, which only lists trusted, hand selected distributors and brands. Which facilitates the introduction, supports the due diligence and helps you on the way of closing a deal and entering the market.

Please meet our team and take a look at our experience in this particular market and field of business.


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